Can I pick different flavours for the mixed treat box?
Unfortunately, the mixed treat boxes are only available as a mix. This is to stop me being left with a lot of random different pieces.

Can I pick up at a different time?
If there is no way you can make the allocated time slots, is there possibly someone who could pick up your order for you? Alternatively, you can have it delivered. And if that still doesn’t work, there is a small fridge at my pick up point, the Boutique Training Room, where I can leave orders to be picked up at a later time (refer to their class timetable to make sure you can pick it up when they will be there). 

Let me know if this is something you choose to do. Please also get in contact if you want to order a cake and need it delivered at a different time. 

Why are your slices so pricey?
If you have ever made raw slices yourself you will know the cost of the ingredients is dramatically more than regular cake ingredients with bulk fillers like sugar and flour. All my slices and cakes are made with natural whole ingredients and priced accordingly.

Do you have anything nut free?
Unfortunately, most of my products are nut based so this is a tricky one! Occasionally I will have a nut free special though so keep an eye out!

What chocolate do you use?
I make my own using raw cacao butter. 

I might not be home during the delivery time slot, can I still have it delivered?
I’m happy to, at your own risk, leave your products somewhere safe if you will not be home. I send all my products out frozen and they should last out for about an hour, depending on the weather! However, due to the nature of the products, they are best kept refrigerated and I would only recommend doing this if you know you will be home shortly after delivery. If a chilly bin or cooler bag can be left somewhere that is even better.

I might change location through the time slot, can I still have it delivered?
Yes! If you have a preferred time to have it delivered because you have a change in location just let me know and I will try my hardest to accommodate. It all depends on the amount of other orders I have that day and where you are in relation to them. 

How long do the slices last?
They will last for five days in the refrigerator and two months in the freezer. I suggest keeping them in the freezer and pulling them out as required. They may discolour and dry out slightly the longer they are in the fridge, this is why freezer is best.

I like the sound of a particular slice; can I order just a box of that flavour?
Get in contact with me and I can do a personalised quote for you. This is definitely doable.

Can I pay on pick up?
If you want to secure your order it is best to pay online. However, if it is a last minute special that I have put up, usually this is ok. It will be specified in the post if this is the case. 

I forgot to order before the cut off, can I still order?
Get in contact if you need to do a last minute order and we’ll see what we can do. A whole cake might not happen but more often than not I can make the mixed treat boxes up last minute.

Can I have your recipe?
I keep all my slice and cake recipes top secret but if you follow us on social media I share other recipes on there for people needing inspiration on everyday meals. 


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